Our company:

We offer beneficial microorganisms for crop production.

The German Bactiva GmbH is part of the international Bactiva Group, an alliance of companies in Europe and North America with a total of 80 employees.

The Bactiva Group has a microbiological laboratory, a strain collection and several production sites. It relies on an in-house staff of specialized microbiologists and agricultural engineers. The group is focused on the treatment of roots with microorganisms that boost plant growth. Each year over 100,000ha corn and about 3 billion vegetable and ornamental seedlings are treated. Our microorganisms are applied to the entire range of grains, vegetables, ornamentals, trees, shrubs and lawns.

Bactiva GmbH in Germany works in close cooperation with the Bactiva Group to develop and support technology solutions for customers in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Since 2010, our company is located in Straelen, close to the Netherlands and in the midst of the German and Dutch technology cluster for greenhouse vegetable production.


The soil harbors many bacteria and fungi that benefit plants. They form a long-term relationship with the roots and the surrounding rhizosphere. With the application of soil-borne microorganisms, we aim to optimize the supply of water and nutrients for the plant. This way they strengthen plant health and resistance.